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Brandon Wright was Omar Little's boyfriend and fellow stickup man.



By 2002, Brandon, along with John Bailey, was a member of Omar's stickup crew. Brandon was loyal, but careless and foul-mouthed. Nonetheless, he and Omar were intimately involved and evidently happy together.

Season 1

Brandon slipped up while he, Omar and John were sticking up Avon Barksdale's people in The Pit by using Omar's name in front of the Barksdale crew. Omar is initially shocked at Brandon's carelessness, but later says his only concern is Brandon's safety since he himself is well known in Baltimore already. It would likely have been another score without consequences, since no one in the Barksdale crew recognized Omar. Unfortunately, Brandon "letting go" of Omar's name sends it up the chain of command and is the catalyst of a long-running feud between Omar and the Barksdale Organization. ("The Buys")

Avon Barksdale was informed of the robbery and subsequently placed bounties on Omar's crew; Brandon and Bailey for $2,000 and Omar for $4,000. Bailey was killed soon after while visiting relatives, and Brandon would follow suit, as he was spotted by Pit dealers Wallace and Poot Carr playing pinball at "The Greek's" - a restaurant on the west side. They alerted D'Angelo Barksdale to their find, and D'Angelo passed the message to second-in-command Russell "Stringer" Bell. Stringer arrived with three prominent Barksdale enforcers: Marquis "Bird" Hilton, Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice and Anton "Stinkum" Artis. Brandon was captured by the trio and tortured, most likely for information on Omar's whereabouts. His grotesquely mutilated corpse was displayed in the low rise projects as a warning to Omar on Avon's instructions.


Brandon's death had a significant impact upon Wallace, who initially alerted his superiors to Brandon's location. He carried an immense amount of guilt, acknowledging that he hadn't thought through the consequences of his actions. This becomes the main reason Wallace begins feeling uncomfortable with the drug trade and leads him to briefly cooperate with police.

Brandon's death was devastating to Omar, who was outraged at the manner in which the Barksdales carried out the hit. He would begin a long-standing crusade of revenge in response. Brandon's death was later referred to as being "all in the game", which even Omar acknowledged; however, he explained that he sought his vengeance for the torture and mutilation of his body, actions that "went past that".



Season 1
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