Bosch is an Amazon original drama series created by Eric Overmyer. Overmyer was a writer and producer for The Wire. Bosch is centred on homicide detective Harry Bosch and is based on a series of novels about the same character by Michael Connelly. Bosch and The Wire have several connections in the form of shared cast and crew members.


  • Jamie Hector starred as drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield in The Wire and stars as homicide detective Jerry Edgar in Bosch.
  • Lance Reddick stars as a police commander in both series. In The Wire he plays Cedric Daniels and in Bosch he plays Irvin Irving.
  • James Ransone had a recurring role as criminal wannabe Ziggy Sobotka in the second season of The Wire and has a recurring role as corrupt cop Eddie Arcineaux in the second season of Bosch.
  • Rick Otto had a recurring role as Detective Kenneth Dozerman in The Wire and played corrupt cop Bernardo Piccinini in the second season of Bosch, sharing many scenes with Ransone.
  • Clark Johnson stars as Newspaper Editor Augustus Haynes in The Wire and guest stars as civil rights attorney Howard Elias in Bosch.
  • Michael Kostroff played criminal defence attorney Maurice Levy in The Wire and appeared as Hank Myers in Bosch.
  • Kwame Patterson, played Stanfield lieutenant Monk Metcalf in The Wire and plays Edgar's confidential informant Gary Wise in Bosch. Both roles see Patterson sharing multiple scenes with Jamie Hector.
  • Elizabeth J. Carlisle played a prostitute in The Wire episode "Stray Rounds" and played Amber in the Bosch second season episode "Victim of the Night".
  • Tom Mardirosian played FBI Agent Kristos Koutris in the second season of The Wire and played Armenian crime boss Joey Marks in the second season of Bosch.
  • Tamika Simpkins played a mother in the fourth season The Wire episode "Home Rooms" and Commander Stanwick in the Bosch fourth season episode "Dreams of Bunker Hill".
  • Mikel Miller played a police officer in the first season The Wire episode "Cleaning Up" and Calvin Wilson in the third season Bosch episode "Aye Papi".
  • Chris Ashworth played organized crime enforcer Sergei Malatov in the second season of The Wire and organized crime enforcer Vardy in the fifth season of Bosch.
  • Antonio D. Charity played corrupt corrections officer Dwight Tilghman in The Wire and fugitive criminal Bo Jonas in Bosch.


  • Eric Overmyer was a writer and producer for The Wire and is the co-creator, an Executive Producer and the show runner of Bosch.
  • George Pelecanos worked as a writer and producer for both series.
  • Ernest R. Dickerson worked as a regular director for both series.
  • Jim McKay directed an episode of The Wire and directed the pilot episode of Bosch.
  • Christine Moore directed episodes of both series.
  • Alex Zakrzewski directed episodes of both series.
  • Blake Leyh is the music supervisor of both series.
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