Bobby Brown is a Western District uniform officer.


Season 1Edit

He was the first officer on scene at the shooting of William Gant.

Season 4Edit

He was later present with Sergeant Ellis Carver to both warn and arrest Namond Brice for selling drugs on a pre-indicted corner.

Season 5Edit

In season five Brown is livid about the witholding of his overtime pay and is insubordinate in Ellis Carver's first roll-call briefing as Sergeant in charge. Brown is involved in a parking lot brawl with another officer over the poor state of a vehicle he hands over.[1] Later, Brown is the first officer at a suspicious death that is investigated by Detective Jimmy McNulty - the death is later ruled natural as predicted by Brown and McNulty.[2]


Brown is played by Bobby J. Brown. The character is an homage to the real Bob Brown who according to The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood was a patrolman in the Western district of the Baltimore Police Department.


Season one

  • "The Target"
  • "The Cost"

Season four

  • "Refugees"
  • "Know Your Place"
  • "A New Day" (uncredited)

Season five


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