Bernard was a soldier in the Barksdale Organization.


Season 3

Bernard was tasked with buying disposable mobile phones used by the entire organization every two weeks.Shamrock insists that Bernard buy no more than two phones at any one outlet (providing receipts to prove it), per Stringer Bell's instructions. Bernard's nagging girlfriend Squeak, tired of the time spent repeatedly visiting dozens of stores, put Bernard in touch with a conman who could provide them with illegally re-charged phones at a lower price (and fake receipts). This is actually Detective Lester Freamon working undercover, selling phones with wiretaps already installed. Information collected from these phones eventually brings down the Barksdale organization, including the arrest of Avon Barksdale, Bernard and Squeak. Bernard says that he could not wait to go to jail to get away from Squeak, and does not seem to be entirely kidding. ("Mission Accomplished")



Season 3
"Time after Time" "All Due Respect" "Dead Soldiers" "Amsterdam" "Straight and True"
"Homecoming" "Back Burners" "Moral Midgetry" "Slapstick" "Reformation"
"Middle Ground" "Mission Accomplished"
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