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Augustus Polk is an officer in the Evidence Control Unit of the BPD. He formerly worked briefly with the Barksdale detail, the Sobotka detail, and the Property Crimes Unit.



Polk developed a drinking problem and has not solved a single case in the Property Crimes Unit of CID since 1992.

Season 1

In 2002, Polk and his partner Patrick Mahon from the Property Crimes Unit to the Barksdale detail. ("The Detail")

After his partner Mahon retired due to injury, Polk considered deliberately injuring himself to retire early with a pension. Unable to follow through on his plan, he became despondent and proceeded to binge drink. He missed several days of work and finally arrived inebriated at 9:00 a.m.. Lieutenant Daniels told him to either take sick leave for his alcohol problem or work "wet". Polk opted for sick leave and was off until the case is closed.

Season 2

In 2003, he was briefly assigned to the first Sobotka detail under Lieutenant Grayson. ("Collateral Damage") After Major Valchek complained about the detail being full of incompetent officers, Daniels was put in command and Polk was returned to Property Crimes. ("Hot Shots")

Season 5

In 2008, he was was working in the Evidence Control Unit. When Daniels visits the ECU, he tells Polk that: "Glad you landed okay." Polk responds unenthusiastically, "Yeah. Beats working." ("Late Editions")



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  • The name of the pair, "Polk/Mahon", is homonymic with the Irish expression "póg mo thóin" ("kiss my ass").


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