Anthony "Tony" Gray is a former councilman for Baltimore City.


Season 3

Gray worked alongside his colleague and close friend Tommy Carcetti on the Public Safety Committee. Gray became disillusioned with Mayor Royce and used his position on the committee to berate senior police officials including Acting Commissioner Burrell. Encouraged by Carcetti, Gray decided to run for mayor on an education platform. Gray hoped that Carcetti would join his campaign with a position as council president as a reward; however, Carcetti secretly planned to run, hoping that Gray would split the black vote. This deception upset Gray and ruined their friendship.

Season 4

Gray continued his stalling campaign. Carcetti Deputy Campaign Manager Norman Wilson fed Gray a story about the BPD covering up the murder of a state's witness. Gray took the story to The Baltimore Sun. Gray attended church with his wife on the eve of the election. Gray ultimately lost the 2006 mayoral election to Carcetti.



Season 3
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