Anthony Colicchio (middle) with Jimmy McNulty and Eddie Walker.

Anthony "Tony" Colicchio is a narcotics officer in Sergeant Ellis Carver's drug enforcement unit squad in the Western District of Baltimore.


He was often partnered with fellow squad members Herc Hauk and Lloyd "Truck" Garrick. Colicchio is part of the operation that resulted in the shooting of Officer Dozerman. Along with the rest of the squad, Colicchio is involved in policing drug tolerant zones set up by his district commander Major Colvin without the knowledge of his superiors. It is Colicchio who inspires the name "Hamsterdam" after citing Amsterdam's liberal drug laws as a metaphor for Colvin's new policies. As Colicchio is zealously committed to using brute force to fight the war on drugs, he describes the drug-free zones as "moral midgetry."

Colicchio remains in Carver's squad in season four, and Carver tried to bring him around to his new way of doing things - getting to know the street dealers and cultivating informants. Colicchio takes part in Lieutenant Marimow's failed raids in the Western district. Colicchio is also present for the arrest of Omar Little on a murder warrant, relishing finally bringing in the legendary criminal.[1] Due to his overzealous attitude, Colicchio is one of the more thrilled officers to participate in the arrest hike that Commissioner Burrell ordered to appease the city politicians. He appears outside of a bar with other officers causing a near riot for the "quality of life violation" arrests they were making against people with open containers. Major Colvin compared "Hamsterdam" to the practice of not enforcing violations of open container laws. Colicchio's method of policing however supports the Broken Windows Theory as his priorities as an officer focus more on making arrests to fight the war on crime.

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