Andy Krawczyk is a property developer and corrupt political fund raiser.


He discusses Frank Sobotka's union business with Major Valchek. He is working on a model of the prospective grain pier condominium development which Sobotka is against. He is later shown breaking ground on the development with State Senator Davis.

In season three, Krawczyk is revealed to be the property developing consultant to Stringer Bell. He is constantly trying to calm Stringer down, explaining the business to him, and is ultimately present when Omar Little comes calling on Bell for revenge. In season four, he continues to make campaign donations to Clarence Royce in exchange for assistance with his property developments. Krawczyk is also a regular fixture at Royce's fundraising poker games, where players deliberately lose (to get around campaign finance laws). Detective Kima Greggs personally serves Krawczyk with a subpoena for financial records, as part of Lester Freamon's investigation into the Barksdale money trail. He is also the President of the Baltimore City School Board.

He is last seen in the series finale at a cocktail where Maurice Levy introduces Marlo to him and other real estate developers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Krawczyk is played by Michael Willis. Willis was previously a recurring character on Homicide: Life on the Street, playing a corrupt deceitful lawyer similar to Maurice Levy.


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